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Our Promise Beneath the Cherry Blossom Trees - A SasuSaku FanFic

Sasuke. The name resonated within her mind. For a moment, Sakura's world seemed to spin, and she fought the urge to hold on to something. Her heart ached, and she pressed the clipboard closer to her chest. Unknown, yet strangely familiar images floated before her mind's eye, flashing so quickly she could not quite put them together. [AU; Romance / Hurt / Comfort / Drama]

~ Prologue ~

He looked back at the village that had been his home for fifteen years. Within his chest, feelings of hope battled with anguish. Was he doing the right thing? Was there no other way? Where did these feelings of doubt come from, so suddenly? It was not like him. The bag he had shouldered felt heavy, unnaturally so, the darkness that engulfed the lit housings, almost hidden beneath trees and rocks, was like a reflection of his own heart. Clenching his teeth, he tried to reassure himself that it was the right choice. His only choice.

After all, it was not like he was to turn his back forever. One day, he would come back, to meet with her once again. He was not a man to break his promise – and she was not a woman to break hers.

This thought comforted him, albeit a little. He drew a deep breath, and averted his dark eyes from the place no longer home to him, turning his night-clad back. Before him waited the world, waited his true calling. Waited freedom.

He did not know that freedom came with a price.

In her bedroom, she held her hands tightly clasped, close to her shaking chest. At least she had managed not to cry in front of him. At least she had managed to wish him well. Petals of the cherry blossom tree were still stuck to her clothing, but she had not brought it over herself to brush them off just yet. They were like the reminder of this night; the most important one in her young life. A night she would never forget. Filled with words meant only for their ears.

It was a secret, to be kept within her trembling chest until the time was right. Until they were reunited again, on a day to come in the not too distant future. If she believed this strongly enough, then surely it would become truth. She just had to be strong.

She did not know that strength would not be enough.

Author's Note

A short and sweet prologue to my first SasuSaku story. I have never written for the Naruto Fandom before, hence I have also never written this pairing. Of course, I will do my best to keep the characters IC, but if I mess up, just tell me. In general, just tell me whatever is on your mind - I love reviews more than I could explain.

This story was inspired by Ikimono Gakari's song Sakura, a beautiful piece that tugs on my heartstrings. I love the tension and atmosphere between SasuSaku and cannot wait to develop their relationship, along with exploring the depths of my other favorite characters and ships.

What can you expect? Romance, of course, but also comdey, a tang of drama, lots of friendship. A whole platter, really.

I will upload the first chapter soon, given that this has piqued your interest.

~ Ruska

Story on…

- Prologue -

I am slowly working on transferring this onto deviantart, in case it finds resonance here.

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